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Farm-to-Table Dinners with Outstanding in the Field

Jim Denevan founded Outstanding in the Field (@out_inthefield) in the late 1990s following a series of "farmer dinners" he hosted in Santa Cruz, California. From these dinners, Jim realized that people wanted to learn more about where their food was coming from. Now, over a decade later, Outstanding in the Field hosts farm-to-table dinners all across the United States, and they’re inviting you to join in by following along on Instagram.

Jim and his crew travel the United States in a vintage red and white bus, hosting dinners at local ranches, vineyards and orchards along the way. The crew teams up with farmers and chefs at each location to prepare dinners using local, seasonal ingredients for over 100 people per sitting. Guests tour the site and meet the farmers before gathering at a long table — often in a scenic area such as a mountaintop or sea cave — to enjoy their meal together.

Follow @out_inthefield to see more photos and videos from the team as they cook up delicious farm dinners around the United States.

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Temos prioridades.

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Egyptians Document Coup of President on Instagram

See more photos and videos by visiting the Tahrir Square and Presidential Palace (قصر الأتحاديه) location pages or by browsing the #egypt, #cairo and #tahrirsquare hashtags.

Late Wednesday, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the nation’s first freely elected president, was ousted in a coup by the military following several days of protests across the country.

Crowds first began to gather en masse on June 30, sharing photos and videos from the demonstration through the #June30 hashtag.

With crowds continuing to grow and the president responding defiantly to the issued 48-hour ultimatum, the military began seizing control of the government.

The crowds that had gathered in Tahrir responded to the news with cheers and fireworks, many documenting the event through Instagram. See more photos and videos by visiting the Tahrir Square location page.

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#CervejaMusaDay.===> Alice

Sensacional a camiseta haha

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Gente bruta!!!

@cintiavalentim to voltandoooo!!

A 2 mil metros de altura!! @cintiavalentim @drid_freitas

Visao da janela do quarto do hotel! Estamos no meio do mato!!! @Drid_freitas

Bye bye Sampa!! Domingo eu volto!